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at Jackpot Thai

​Jackpot Thai


  • Gang Ma Sa Mun
  • Pad Prik Khing
  • Kauy Theo Nam
  • Pad Seeiew or Pad Thai
  • Curry Fried Rice

  • Larb, Nam Sod, & Yum Tale

  • Chicken Satay 


Born and raise in Vicetchaichan, Ang Thong province in Thailand. The small family style owner / operator , Suchada,  delighted to share the Authentic test of Thai with her new home in Loma Linda / San Bernadino area.  

Since imgrate to US she had a dream of one day she will be the owner of resturant of her own, operated the way she want to service the neighborhoods with the real test of Thai the way she was raised.